"Beginning with the fall of 2016, I purchased my first breeding pair of Nigerian Dwarf goats with the intent of becoming self-sufficient as much as possible.  My dream included fresh milk, goat cheese, yogurt, free-range chickens and turkeys, and an abundance of eggs, along with fertilizer and compost for the garden."

     - Amanda Adams


When my husband, Scott, retired from the Air Force after 23 years of service, it was important for us to get our children out of the city and back to a simpler way of life. To be honest, it was more me pushing for it, as Scott is a Disabled Veteran with Deployment related Burn Pit exposures.

I grew up on a century farm in Southwest Iowa and then, during my late teenage years, in the backwoods of Homer Alaska. I wanted to have a life that was similar to how I was raised. I have lots of fond memories on the farm and I believe that is what gave me my values and work ethic that I have today. Those are the same qualities that I want to instill in my children.


Alternatively, Scott was raised in Alexandria, Virginia.  As a "city" boy, he enjoys shopping and access to Home Depot more than I do, as well as the convivence of living in the city. We soon compromised and bought 5 acres on the outskirts of town in Glenville, Georgia with only a short drive to bigger city conveniences.

I knew nothing of raising goats but quickly read all the books I could get my hands on.  I scoured the Internet and looked to friends advice. I found every opportunity I could to learn most everything I needed to know to get started on the farm.


Fast forward to today - I have come to really enjoy having goats on the farm!  I know so much more about raising them.  I have since added Nubians and Saanans to our existing herd of Nigerian Dwarfs. Most importantly, I have built a business selling Goat Milk and Goat Milk products including Goat Milk soap, pet ice cream and pet shampoo.


Bearded Billy Farm has made it easy and convenient for you to either make a payment for a deposit or to purchase a product from the general store.