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There's no doubt that you have heard about our fresh goat milk and blueberry pet ice cream. You have also heard about how blueberries are beneficial for your dogs. But, you haven't heard until now about Ann Wildes, our amazing supplier of the fresh blueberries that we use to create our goat milk and blueberry pet ice cream! We are so happy for Ann, who hit the national newsstand when FarmHer featured her in an article not too long ago. It is an honor for us to be able to work with such an amazing woman that produces quality blueberries. We are privileged to know her personally.

Excerpt taken from FarmHer: "Ann Wildes is a Georgia FarmHer who had a calling to spread the blueberry love. She and her husband Albert have been farmers for much of their married life. About 40 years ago they planted blueberry bushes at the request of Ann’s father. Today, they are still reaping the benefits of planting the fruit. Albert does much of the farm work, with Anne helping wherever needed. She also recently opened the Blueberry Barn, a store full of blueberry goodies, most of which are from Georgia blueberries."

With Ann as our blueberry supplier, we are able to personally pick the blueberries directly from the vines. This ensures us, and you, that we get freshest ingredients possible for our pet ice cream!


Full article: Sweet Georgia Home Grown Blueberries

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